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CNC ROUTER WEBINAR: Simplify Your Furniture Production With The Axyz Innovator


May 13 and 20, 7:00pm and 11:00pm IST

Online – WEBINAR

WOODWORKING FABRICATORS – This webinar is for you! Register for a free session and see how easy it is to make furniture on the new AXYZ Innovator Router.

This webinar will cover best practises on cutting plywood and melamine for furniture production. Our presenters will demonstrate how easy it is to cut parts on our machines and will go over the key aspects of nest-based CNC routers. We’ll cover how samples are programmed in CAD/CAM software, along with tools and the speeds feeds required to process parts efficiently.

Get your CNC-related questions answered by our Technical Experts during our live Q&A. Don’t miss it!

Space is limited, save your seat today! Register HERE