Media Nation own an AXYZ CNC Router

Media Nation Invest in Some Serious Machine Technology

Media Nation Enterprises describe themselves as a VISUAL SOLUTIONS company, providing cutting edge creative sign and advertising displays from their headquarters located in Irvine, California. They manufacture and install all…

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Amitoje benefit from an AXYZ CNC Router

The Best Just Gets Better

Amitoje based in New Delhi and founded in 1983 have grown to become one of the largest and best equipped print houses in India with over 30 years experience. They…

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Ash and Lacy own a PANELBuilder CNC Router

PANELBuilder Keeps Ash & Lacy’s Rainscreen Cladding Pendulum Swinging

A company manufacturing rainscreen cladding from solid Aluminum and Aluminum composite sheets has completely automated the process of detailing and programming standard panels by using the combined CNC router and…

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AXYZ Router Helps Double Production at Porter & Woodman

AXYZ Router Helps Double Production at Porter & Woodman

An AXYZ CNC router supplied by AXYZ has helped double the production capacity of West Midlands-based Porter & Woodman. The company is a major user of wood, primarily plywood and…

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Cambridge Patterns Purchased an AXYZ CNC Router

An AXYZ Router Comes to the Rescue for Cambridge Patterns

A pattern manufacturing company wanted to expand their business but was facing a serious problem—a severe shortage in skilled labor. Was it time to automate? Cambridge Patterns is a wood…

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Horton Own an AXYZ CNC Router

AXYZ Helps Horton Fulfill Lean Manufacturing Goals

How does an established and successful company change their entire manufacturing process? By adopting lean manufacturing principles, and with the help of a state-of-the art router from AXYZ. Driving Innovation…

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Pratik Corporation Using an AXYZ CNC Router

Fifth AXYZ Router for Pratik Corporation

Pratik Corporation have just ordered their fifth AXYZ CNC Router to help cope with the expansion of their Bakelite machining services to customers in North America and the UK as…

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Steel the Scene Own an AXYZ CNC router

AXYZ Router Centre Stage at Leading Scene Maker

An AXYZ 6010 twin head router supplied by AXYZ has provided Surrey-based Steel the Scene with a very cost-effective solution to its machining requirements by enabling the company to bring…

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Park Place Sign Systems buy second AXYZ CNC Router

Park Place Sign Systems Order 2nd Router as Business Booms

Park Place Sign Systems founded in 1980, specialize in supplying high quality ADA compliant architectural signage. Their products can be found in healthcare facilities, educational establishments, as well as banks…

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Sign of the Times purchase a new AXYZ CNC Router

Good Times for Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times based in Victoria, BC., have been designing and manufacturing award winning signs and displays for over 20 years. Specializing in environmental and architectural graphics they can…

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Diamond Display Solutions benefit from an AXYZ CNC Router

First of Its Kind in India

Diamond Display Solutions based in Bangalore have grown to become one of the biggest sign makers in India and now employs over 250 people. In recognition of their excellence in…

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Legendary Auto Interiors purchase AXYZ CNC Router

Axyz Becomes a Driving Force for Legendary Auto Interiors

For almost 30 years Legendary Auto Interiors has maintained an industry-wide reputation as the leading manufacturer of high quality and original interior soft trim products for the custom auto enthusiast.…

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