AXYZ is a leading global manufacturer of CNC router systems and CNC knife systems. Designed and built at our state-of-the-art factory in Canada, AXYZ CNC routers are supplied and supported through a global network of sales and support offices and authorised dealers. With more than 366,918 standard machine configurations, AXYZ specialises in matching machinery to customer’s unique needs and budgets.

AXYZ International has more than 25 years of experience and has built and installed thousands of machines for industries including Aluminium and Metal CladdingSignmakingGraphics & Print FinishingCabinetryGeneral WoodworkingPlastic FabricationMetal FabricationFoam PackagingPoint of PurchaseSolid Surface and many more.


Selecting the right tooling for your CNC router system is just as important as choosing the right equipment in the first place. The quality of finished cut and appearance of your completed products are totally dependent on selecting the correct tool for the job.

We have been supplying the highest quality router bits, tooling and accessories for more than 15 years and pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide.

Selecting the right tooling is not always easy, but our friendly and professional technicians are available to help and provide advice on a wide range of different CNC machining applications.

Z Series

An ideal entry-level CNC router for first-time users and small shops, the AXYZ Z Series CNC router offers the same robust construction as AXYZ Series machines and at a lower cost. Available with process areas to suit the most popular sheet sizes and with a choice of tooling and cutting accessories, the Z Series offers remarkable performance in a wide variety of application areas.


Trident is the most versatile router-knife hybrid in the industry. From routing aluminium and acrylic to cutting and trimming foamboard, vinyl, styrene and rubber, the Trident triple-tool head can handle them all. For high-speed processing with multiple tool types, the Trident is ideal for all types of print finishing, signs and graphics, point-of-purchase and foam processing applications.


The Pacer Series is a heavy-duty CNC router with precision drives ideal for premium manufacturers looking for accuracy, reliability and high-quality machining. It offers robust construction and high standard specification normally found only on more expensive machines. A range of productivity options make the Pacer Series suitable for volume production as well as small batch manufacture. The Pacer Series is a perfect choice for plastic or aluminium fabricators.


Continuing the legacy of AXYZ Automation CNC routers, the Infinite Series incorporates the reliability, robustness and cutting edge technology that has always been a major part of AXYZ products. The Infinite introduces a new generation of CNC routers built for today’s consumer demands.


PANELBuilder is the most widely used panel-fabrication system in the world. It is a comprehensive programming and manufacturing system specially developed for aluminum and metal composite panel fabricators. Its powerful software system copes effortlessly with projects containing hundreds or thousands of panels and the custom CNC router is designed for high-speed processing without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


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