Woodworkers have a new, innovative solution designed exclusively for cabinet making with the introduction of Optimus. Created by AXYZ, a leading global manufacturer of CNC router and knife cutting systems, Optimus is an all-in-one cabinet building application and includes a customised machine configuration, software, specially designed machine options and dedicated support.

Optimus was unveiled at the recent International National Woodworking Fair (IWF), held in Georgia in August. The attendees’ response was overwhelmingly positive, especially about the partnership with Cabinet Vision, who is providing the software. “Attendees were very pleased and excited that Cabinet Vision a long-time technology vendor in the woodworking industry, is integrating their software with the machine,” said John Donaldson, New Business Development Manager for AXYZ.

Since it is a complete CNC solution, customers only need to work with one supplier to meet their needs, rather than working with three or four suppliers to put the entire cabinet manufacturing system together by themselves. Optimus features an easy-to-use interface, a robust build and overwhelming production capabilities. The machine is offered in three different widths and a variety of lengths from 8 to 22 feet. IWF attendees were treated to machine demonstrations. “The attendees liked that the Optimus solution is not only reasonably priced, but also is capable of cutting materials easily,” said Donaldson. Incorporating the latest industry technology into the Optimus offers unrivalled performance, making cabinet building jobs quicker, more efficient and remarkably accurate. Additionally, specially designed machine options, such as the Auto Sheet Handling System with Scissor Lift and the Conveyor Table for Material Offloading, offers users a fast and efficient way of boosting productivity and reducing costs.

A full range of process areas, tooling and configuration options is available on the Optimus to suit all production requirements. Visit our Optimus product page to learn more.