Multiple cutting heads to ensure your machine is configured for your unique business needs.

Take on more CNC router projects, with multiple cutting tools


AXYZ offer a range of cutting tools to ensure your business can take on multiple applications using the most efficient cutting methods.

Quick Release Spindles

The 5.0 HP and 10.8 HP HSD Quick Release spindles are incredibly quiet and robust. With a simple yet powerful pneumatic quick release feature, these spindles can be operated manually or in conjunction with our ATC automatic tool changer carousel for automatic changing of tool bits.

Each HSD spindle operates at a maximum speed of 24,000rpm and can accelerate to full speed in a matter of seconds, and brake just as fast. When purchased as part of a cnc router system, three ISO30 toolholders and covernuts are included. Using ER32 collets, you can clamp a routing tool from 1mm to 20mm and quickly change tools as they dull or break or for a secondary process.

    Collet Spindles

    Our Elte line of collet and covernut spindles is precision balanced for fast, clean cutting and ultra-quiet operation. Available in 3, 5 and 10 HP models, and operating at maximum speeds of 18,000rpm (3 HP) and 24,000rpm (5 and 10 HP) with high-speed ceramic angular contact bearings, their excellent design provides years of trouble free use.

    These workhorse spindles are driven by digital inverters to control the RPM from 6000 to maximum speed, and can accelerate to speed in a matter of seconds. Routing tools are securely held in place in the ER25 or ER32 collets and are changed by using the supplied spanners to open and close the collet / nut combination, directly on the spindle.

      Oscillating Knife

      The AXYZ oscillating tangential knife option is an important tool for any company that needs to process thin flexible materials including foam core, gator foam, corrugated plastic or cardboard. These materials all present challenges for traditional router or knife tools, but the oscillating knife can slice through these materials with ease, delivering clean cut edges without fraying.

      Tangential Knife

      The tangential knife is a robust knife cutting tool intended for heavier, thicker and harder materials than a traditional drag knife can accommodate. A selection of easily interchangeable blade cartridges allow a wide range of material to be processed. Full directional control of the blade allows straight edges, sharp corners and all radii to be cut clearly and accurately.

      Heavy-Duty Knife

      The Heavy Duty drag knife is designed to cut a wide variety of flexible and semi rigid materials. Equipped with a spring loaded glider foot, the Heavy Duty drag knife can easily cut materials including paper, card board, thin rubber (up to 10mm), corrugated paper and plastic.

        Vinyl Knife

        Used primarily for large format vinyl cutting, cutting paper mask on acrylic sheets for painting, and for cutting paint grip with standard vinyl cutting blades and blade holder. It can also be used for cutting vinyl on large format flex faced signs. The vinyl cutting knife can easily be attached without having to remove the spindle and as an added bonus, doubles as an effective pen plotter for creating patterns.

          Pneumatic and Electric Drills

          Automatic Feed Drills are fixture mounted tools that combine linear feed and rotation for drilling operations. Available with pneumatic feed and either pneumatic or electric rotation. The pneumatic / electric combination is best for heavier duty or continuous use applications.

          Automatic feed drills can be added to almost any carriage configuration. Use a Desoutter Drill for applications including Aluminium Composite fabrication, plastic fabrication, woodworking, aluminium sheet or extrusion processing and more.

            Multiple Drilling Head

            A Multi Spindle Drilling head is a key productivity tool for cabinet makers, case good manufacturers, custom millworkers, exhibit and display manufacturers. By bringing the 32 mm hole drilling process for shelving systems onto your CNC Router, you can reduce the material handling and potential damage to your components as a result of multiple location transfers, and at the same time reduce your labour costs by streamlining your production process. Drill heads are available in a 5 tool L shape or a 9 tool L shape.

            Combined with an AXYZ Automatic Tool Change system, the multi spindle drilling head will turn your AXYZ CNC router into a complete cabinet fabrication machine.


            The Engraver is specifically designed for light duty engraving on an AXYZ Series CNC Router. With an industry proven 1/4” top-loading spindle, it is well suited to tackle a wide range of materials including plastics, aluminium, brass, and more.

            In addition to trophies, plaques and gift items, this option can be used for a variety of marking applications including signage.

            The engraver equipped AXYZ cnc router table is a great alternative for large format engraving. With four mounting bolts and a quick power disconnect plug, it is very easy to install and uninstall from the table.


              Convert your Router to a Plasma Cutter in minutes. Cut Aluminium, Sheet metal and stainless steel up to 1/2 inch thick at cutting speeds over 200” per minute with excellent edge quality.

              The plasma cutting option combines the AXYZ machine and control excellence with Hypertherm hardware to provide an unbeatable combination. Components include the torch, power supply and torch height control. An integrated fume extraction grid is also available.

              Combined with an AXYZ Automatic Tool Change system, the multi spindle drilling head will turn your AXYZ CNC router into a complete cabinet fabrication machine.

              Need help discussing options?

              Speak to one of our specialist sales representatives who will help you produce a personalised quote. Our sales reps have many years of technical experience to help guide you through the necessary steps to ensure you have the correct CNC Router for your businesses unique needs now and in the future.